baking potatoes

Baked Potato In Oven Wrapped Foil

  • Greengrocer’s baking potatoes are imported from the volcanic terrains of the Western United States. The volcanic ash present in these regions is rich in minerals and produces the most delicious and nutritious potato.
  • Although a number of Canadian farmers have tried to mimic the volcanic effect by using similar potato seed and red clay soil, the taste and mineral composition of potatoes grown in volcanic soil cannot be replicated.

Health Facts

Potatoes are a welcome addition to any meal! Do you love potatoes but have doubts about their nutritional value? Well, think again!
This darling of the dinner table has one of the greatest nutritional values in the produce department.

A medium potato (5.3 oz) eaten with its skin on:

  • Has just 110 calories
  • Has nearly half your Daily Value of vitamin C (45%)
  • One of the best sources of potassium (614 mg) and fiber (2 g) (Did you know potassium helps maintain normal blood pressure?)
  • Is naturally fat-free and sodium-free
  • Contains many of the nutrients the Dietary Guidelines recommend Americans increase in their diet